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Ubidata was founded in Brussels in 2003 by its managing partners Gérard Materna (CTO) and Dave Engel (currently Sales Director) and since 2008 completed by a third associate, Paul Havelange (Managing director), and evolved into one of the most innovative leading providers of complete fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions with more than 100 clients in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Luxemburg. It is currently working on a further expansion through Europe.

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Ubidata and Track4C join forces to strengthen multi-modal offering

Ubidata and Track4C, the container asset specialist, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at directly enlarging their combined service offering and strengthening their multi-modal capabilities.

Through Track4C’s research and development battery life and signal issues have been overcome via algorithm improvements and the use of a cunning relay system between on-board units.

Partnering with Ubidata now provides a seamless end-to-end approach to mobile fleet and container tracking, opening access to large fleets clients. This makes for a truly multi-modal offering whilst giving opportunities for major growth in the coming years. 


Ubidata Pursues Growth Strategy and Raises New Capital

Ubidata, the Belgian leader in transport telematics, aims for expansion with €2 million capital increase and a strategic partnership with container tracking specialist Track4C.

Ubidata CEO, Paul Havelange, says: “The capital increase as well as the partnership with Track4C guarantees Ubidata’s significant cost optimisation and power consumption efficiency for mobile logistics and tracking solutions. But it goes further by bringing on board specific intellectual property for projects in the growing market of container fleet management. For Ubidata this opens access to large fleets, making our offering truly multi-modal whilst giving opportunities for major growth in the coming years.”

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